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Professional Qualifications

What is a professional qualification?

A professional qualification is what you do to make you "industry ready".

Professional Qualifications are listed and / or are mapped on / to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), (In some countries, NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) which is the national framework , and the certificate of achievement is issued by an Awarding Organisation. Your certificate means you are ‘qualified’ in that subject.

Which qualification or from where should I choose?

We do not recommend any qualification provider in our list over another. We do however suggest that before you make your decision, to do your own due diligence! Ask questions and ask around. Some suggestions are:

  • Contacting the qualification provider directly to find out more about their qualification.
  • Check if they are an accredited training provider with accrediting bodies such as EuropeActive(EREPS) or PD: Approval (ICREPS) - Most important.
  • Information on how they deliver their qualification, how they support their students, or how they undertake their assessments and exams
  • Talking to other students and graduates of the qualification. Ask the qualification provider for student references.
  • Check out the qualification providers Facebook page, Twitter etc.
  • Do an online/Google search to find out more about the qualification provider