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What is CQC?

CQC (Council for Quality Control) is a not for profit industry association that exists to professionalize the fitness industry through engaging in partnerships, advocacy, delivering education, quality and accreditation.

CQC is a large independent verification body that recognizes the qualifications, skills and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) of fitness professionals and is an important assurance for the public and employers that their instructor or employee holds the appropriate qualifications to perform their role safely and effectively.

What we do?

CQC (Council for Quality Control) operates largest and independent registration body for exercise professionals, exercise facilities and education providers globally.

The vast majority of those working in the exercise industry are reputable, honest and professional.  Unfortunately, like any industry, not all persons/facilities are up to the required standards or professionalism you may expect. Therefore, CQC membership gives independent verification that a registered individual/facility meets the industry standards on an ongoing basis.

For members of the public, employers, and other health professionals, registration with CQC, is a promise to both the customer and the employer to ensure safe and effective exercise advice.  CQC operates a search function on this website, so you can find and verify exercise facilities and/or exercise professionals

More than a qualification. Registration is like an annual warrant of fitness.

Continuing Professional Development is important. Registration with CQC is far more than just a verification of an initial qualification, which is a one off event (like sitting a test for a drivers license).  Registration is an annual process (more like a Warrant of Fitness for a car), meaning Registered Fitness Professionals knowledge is up to date, and also bound by a Code of Ethical Practice and Scope of Practice.

Why Join CQC Foundation?

It implies that you:

  • Are credible and are independently quality assured
  • Are part of the largest community of qualified fitness professionals
  • Enhance your employability
  • Are registered with the official government agency for the fitness sector i.e. the sector skills council
  • Realize your scope of practice and have committed to staying within it
  • Have committed to undertake CPD, have a clear career pathway and opportunities to develop your skills through our quality assured training providers
  • Differentiate yourself from someone with little or no training
  • Have qualifications/certifications which are valid, current and up to date

What are the documents required to become a CQC registered fitness professional?

The instructors need to submit the following:

1. Their resume or profile 
2. A picture (PP Size / Professional) 
3. CPR AED Certificate 
4. Certificate issued by the sector skills  council
5. Certificates of Professional qualifications
6. Other continuing professional development certificates 
7. Proof of verification (example by Police or RWA)
8. Industry wise references (2 required)
9. Client Testimonials (2 required)
10. Social media page / website 
11. A Govt. issued ID Card (with pic)
12. School and graduation certificates 

What does it cost to become a CQC registered fitness professional member?
INR 4999.00 per annum