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CQC Foundation: Global Fitness Community, without borders

CQC (Council for Quality Control) Foundation is a not for profit, independent E – verification and digi locker service provider.
Our Mission is focused around trust, privacy, and opportunities.

Our team is dedicated to building a strong and robust network of like minded professionals, all over the world, in the fitness, sports and allied service industry through engaging in partnerships, advocacy, collaborations with general public, exercise professionals, business owners, and other stakeholders and to contribute significantly towards the global fitness community.

Our goal is to help remove barriers that are preventing a skilled & verified workforce no matter where they are, to reach where their demand exists.

Why Join CQC Foundation?


It implies that you:

  • Are credible and are independently quality assured
  • Are part of the largest community of qualified fitness professionals
  • Enhance your employability
  • Are registered with the official government agency for the fitness sector i.e. the sector skills council
  • Realize your scope of practice and have committed to staying within it
  • Have committed to undertake CPD, have a clear career pathway and opportunities to develop your skills through our quality assured training providers
  • Differentiate yourself from someone with little or no training
  • Have qualifications/certifications which are valid, current & uptodate

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